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Narrating Stability, Security, and Happiness: Narrative Didactics Workshop at the Graz International Summer School Seggau (GUSEGG) 2021

In the course of the Applied Research Lab sponsored by the Land Steiermark at GUSEGG 2021, Andreas Schuch and Dagmar Wallenstorfer conducted a Narrative Didactics Workshop with 23 students from the University of Graz, Austria on Thursday July 8, 2021. The workshop addressed the pedagogical value of Digital Storytelling in educational settings, as well as for addressing and teaching intersectionality and diversity in various settings. Introducing the basic steps involved in the process of creating and facilitating the creation of a Digital Story, all participants were invited to apply this technique by creating a Digital Story based on the topic of the GUSEGG 2021: Stability, Security, and Happiness. The outcome of this workshop where 17 Digital Stories, which were watched and discussed by the group.

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