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Fabiana Fazzi, PhD

Multiliteracies development and digital social reading in foreign language teaching

In recent years, the language education field has witnessed an increased attention towards the development of students’ multiliteracies skills in the target language stressing the importance of situating language use within socially complex multimodal and multicultural contexts (Warner, Dupuy 2017). In this regard, Digital Social Reading (DSR) can play an important role in promoting “students’ collaborative construction of knowledge and their use of the target language in both the interpersonal and interpretive modes of communication” (Zapata 2022: 31). DSR involves students reading and annotating a text on a digital platform (i.e. Glose for Education, eComma, Perusall, etc.), sharing thoughts and interpretations, evaluating foreign words, carrying out intercultural reflections, and connecting reading to their personal experiences (Blyth 2014: 215). During the DigLit project, funded by the Erasmus+ (KA2), we experimented a DSR project with upper secondary students in different countries and developed a series of resources which can be downloaded at this link: Teacher Resources – DigLit – Lit. Up Your Phone (