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Training courses

We offer practice-oriented training courses for schools and universities in which we provide practical examples and teaching materials in how to apply stories and storytelling in teaching settings.

Training courses are offered in German or English, online or face-to-face, for specific subjects or across subjects, for technically more or less experienced persons, and for variable durations.

Training courses (selection)

Digital Storytelling Everyone has a story to tell. Digital storytelling is a method in which a person tells a personal story by reflecting one aspect of their life in form of an audio narration with added media elements.

Creative Ways to Encourage Reading in grades 5-8 Extensive reading is increasingly receiving more attention in curricula. We present methods and tools to motivate students in grades 5-8 to read more and longer.

Literature Enactment The Literature-Enactment-Process (LEP) is a method that asks students to actively engage with lifeworld issues such as deforestation using drama methods.

Technology-enhanced Language Learning We offer workshops on various selected digital apps that can be used by teachers and lecturers in various meaningful ways. For every app, sample outputs and teaching materials are presented. Apps may be used to create digital magazines, virtual presentations, and much more.

Narrative Videogames Playing and learning are closely related. We present videogames and game-based learning approaches that tap into the power of videogames for language teaching.


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