• Digital Storytelling

    Contact: Andreas Schuch,

    Digital storytelling is a new method for learning and teaching in which storytelling is combined with digital technologies. A digital story is a short-form video in which someone narrates and shares a personal, cultural or other aspect of their life with others. This process encourages reflection processes about oneself and others as well as working with a specific topic on language, digital, intercultural and many other levels. The level of complexity concerning technology- and topic-related aspects can easily be adjusted according to the context in which a digital storytelling project takes place.

    First experiments of combining multimedia elements with storytelling performances can be traced back to California during the 1980s. In 1994, the Digital Media Center was founded in San Francisco, which later became the Center for Digital Storytelling and, in 2015, simply StoryCenter. The center has played an instrumental role in developing and popularizing the practice of digital storytelling, which was initially limited to mostly therapeutic and expressive applications. Scholars and educators worldwide have since discovered and written about the numerous benefits of educational digital storytelling. However, digital storytelling has not yet reached the classrooms and university courses in German-speaking countries.

    Publications (most recent)

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  • Diversity Pedagogy
  • Feminist Narrative Practices & Intergenerational Storytelling
  • Game-Based Learning
  • Literature-Enactment-Process
  • Multicultural Narratives in Education