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Teacher Activists! Intergenerational Digital Storytelling Workshop

As part of Nicole Haring’s dissertation project*, a participatory intergenerational digital storytelling workshop with educators from different life stages took place at the beginning of May 2022 with the title: Let’s Talk About Gender! 17 educators from different life stages (teacher trainees, educators, and retired teachers) came together to share their life-stories, experiences, and thoughts on the role of education in society and how gender norms are reproduced in educational institution. A two-day workshop took place at Lendhafen Graz and the participatory digital storytelling methodology of the “intergenerational feminist mic” (Chazan and Macnab 2018) was followed to create intergenerational digital stories. The stories can be found here: Playlist: Teacher Activists- Intergenerational Digital Storytelling

*This dissertation project is fundend by the DOC fellowship of the Academy of Science Austria. The workshop was funded by the Aging in Data (Aid) project funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

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