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Narrative Didactics at the Digital Humanities Austria #Twitter Conference (English)

Clariah-AT organized from April 14-16,2021 a Twitter Conference featuring almost 100 projects in the context of digital humanities and among them was the Narrative Didactics Research Group promoting their research of combining storytelling practices with digital techniques. CLARIAH-AT is the consortium of Austrian universities and research institutions that coordinates and drives Austrian activities in the European ESFRI research infrastructures CLARIN (Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure) and DARIAH (Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities). Over the three days of the conference, over 210 tweets were sent and the links shared in the tweets were clicked over 900 times. The Twitter conference offered a broad variety of projects from various fields and actors.

The tweets to our project were the following:

CLARIAH-AT on Twitter: „Combating the digital divide and foster digital inclusion by using accessible and available tools in education influences the research of Narrative Didactics @DidacticsNadi. Developing new methods and approaches is in the heart of the project. #digitalDHaustria“ / Twitter

CLARIAH-AT on Twitter: „Digital storytelling as one of the main tools of @DidacticsNadi is used in educational settings to not only foster digital competencies, but also to enable critical thinking and inclusion of diverse voices. #digitalDHaustria“ / Twitter

CLARIAH-AT on Twitter: „Narrative Didactics @DidacticsNadi develops methods of using stories and narratives for teaching and learning concepts such as cultural diversity, multiculturality, feminist practices or literary studies in educational settings. #digitalDHaustria“ / Twitter

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